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Why are we so hung up on SELF DEVELOPMENT

Tell me, have you ever thought to become the best version of yourself? Do you ever think that you need to be better or in some way you have to get to the next stage in life?

Now, Answer me, If you think you have to be better, doesn’t that mean you are bad right now. Doesn’t all these thoughts screams at you and says, “You are not good as who you are.”



We are living in a world where everyone is hustling, grinding, hitting gyms in hopes to change their body, meditating in hopes for changing their thoughts, but don’t you think that before any kind of self development comes the self acceptance.

We are so hung up on changing ourself for the future that doesn’t even have arrived yet and in between, we are just ignoring our true self.

Now I am not saying that working on your body, mind and career is bad or something that you shouldn’t be bothered but ignoring your inner child screaming in your mind to let it be free in the world is affecting your real self.

I am not Perfect, I was not the cool guy in school not even the nerdy one. Just a basic average dude who loved to play sports but was never good in them, I wasn’t even the one who got the highest marks in his test and it made me too self conscious to even try. I also started filling my heart with frustration but I never expressed it.

Today when I see back, I realised I was not introvert, I was just scared of the people’s opinion and because of that I will feel people’s rejection. This lead me to building wall around me which made me incapable of feeling any emotions.

Yes!! any emotion not just love but also hate, anger, pain. I was living like a robot in the world filled with so many feelings yet to be experiences.

Later in life, so many things started happening and those things lead to more frustration and then one day, it over flowed. My heart cried out help, I tried to suppress it again but I couldn’t and that is when I heard this concept of Self-Development.

No Jokes, from next day I Started on this path. I started changing, what I don’t know but the growth I was expecting never really happened. I joined 9-5 jobs in order to make a living and in just 2 months I got bored and left it. I started feeling and something is wrong with me. Why can’t I keep myself to do one thing for long time? I gathered up my courage again without even listening to my inner child and I started working again but this time as a freelancer and I started earning.

I bought my favourite camera, went to an international trips, bought my first ever drone, and thought to myself maybe this is the path I was waiting for but reality hit me again I was at ground again wanting to do something else. I mean what do I need more, I am earning even if it is enough to make my life rolling, I am able to travel, got my dream camera set up but no something I still missing.

I don’t know how, when and from where it came but I realised after coming back from my second international trip that what I am missing is not in the outside world but inside me.


Accepting that I am not always right but I am not always wrong. I may not be in my best shape possible but it could’ve been much more worse if I didn’t had made the choices I made.

Remember “It could’ve have been worse than this”, so accept yourself the way you are and keep moving forward. Believe in yourself that you will take the right steps, just as you’ve been taking for so long because you are here, living the life.


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